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Britannia Locksmith offers supply and fit on key safes. To ensure your asett is sufficiently locked with the latest in keysafe technology get in touch today.

We supply the push button style of key safe, which is very hard to pick and open without the correct access code. Other styles of keysafes can be vulnerable as they can easily be unscrewed from the wall they are mounted on.

We fix our keysafes very securely to the wall with anchor bolts that are extremely difficult to extract and remove.

There these keysafes are very useful in workplace environments when there are many employees using the facilities. You can have up to or over 5000 different combinations and this combination can be change anytime.

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Professional and Efficient Service

Britannia locksmiths provided us with a very professional job that ensured we were able to keep our property safe and secure.

Locksmith Customer April 9, 2018