Locksmith Services – Our Checkatrade feedback shows reliability, professionalism and integrity.

We supply all UPVC gearboxes and UPVC mechanisms. There can be all sorts of issues that arise while using poorly installed mechanisms especially if they are not maintained correctly. We can help you with this so your installation is secure and properly fitted.

You may experience many companies quoting you very high rates for this service but we offer a very good price that will ensure you are covered. We recommend not replacing your whole door but just renewing he mechanism as we can find a replacement at a very good price.

We can also supply you a mechanism if you would like to fit this yourself. Please get in touch to provide us with the specific measurements.

Another part to the mechanism that may need replacing is the centre case. To replace and fix is much cheaper then replacing the whole mechanism but we advised to contact us before as there are some circumstances when the centre case is permanently pressed on.

Britannia Locksmiths are experts in locks repairs who offer a valuable service. Our customer service is very important to us therefore please do not hesitate to get in touch for any locksmith related services that you need.

Professional and Efficient Service

Britannia locksmiths provided us with a very professional job that ensured we were able to keep our property safe and secure.

Locksmith Customer April 9, 2018